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3 Reasons Why the Zultys 49G IP Phone Is the Smart Solution for Your Business

August 14th, 2019 by admin

Zultys 49G

Companies are discovering new ways of operating their business as the future of technology becomes even more intelligent. Zultys, a leader in telecommunication technology, is a clear example of how tech companies are encouraging smarter businesses. Their 49G Advanced Color IP Business Phone System creates an outstanding user experience with its Android™ technology coupled with a stunningly crisp HD display and enhanced visual communication and intelligence technology.

Cloud-based IP Phones systems have proven to have immense benefits for businesses of any size, but by combining this feature-rich VoIP phone solution with SIP technology and smartphone capabilities and applications, this system will give your business a competitive and innovative advantage. Here are three reasons why you should consider upgrading your systems to the Zultys 49G IP business phone system:

  1. It will save you time and money. With its simplified deployment, integrated Wi-Fi, and SIP open standard technology, you can easily manage multimedia communications like video calls, video conferencing, collaboration, instant messaging, and much more all on the same system and all in one place.
  2. You get stunning HD video quality on a 7" inch touch screen display. The Android™-powered operating system not only has access to a ton of applications including email, calendar, calculator, and web browser but it is also fully compatible with Zultys' ZAC and MXIE applications, which enable users to manage calls and messages directly from their computer.
  3. It's an affordable system with built-in support. By having the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry due to its SIP open standard technology and simplified VoIP deployment, it will already have a high return on investment for your business. With Telesupply, you also get on-going support and maintenance including upgrades, updates, installation, repairs, and much more.

The Zultys 49G is a fantastic solution for medium to large enterprises and busy business professionals. Let Telesupply get the solution that will work for you and create a smarter business by using smart media technology to enhance business performance, efficiency, and growth.

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