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Collaborative Features That Enhance Caller and Workplace Interactions

June 13th, 2019 by admin

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Our phone systems integrate collaborative software with your computers to provide seamless interaction with team members to hold conferences, meetings, webinars, as well as to enhance customer experience with features like auto attendant, email, voicemail storage, text, chat, and more. With unified communication tools combined right into your business phones, your entire team can enjoy various business tools to enhance workflow and productivity as well as more centralized control over all your devices and communication in a single platform based on your desktop.

How do these collaborative solutions benefit your business? It makes the job of an agent easier and more productive with the ability to manage their work all in one place using an intuitive platform and interface. These collaborative solutions include:

  • Call transfer. Allows employees to transfer calls quickly. Users can even speak with each other before a transfer to better assist the next agent that will handle the call and reduce caller frustration.
  • Automated Attendant. This interactive voice response feature enables businesses both small and large, to appear more professional and enhances customer retention. In many instances, the auto attendant can effectively resolve common issues that arise; saving your business money on additional staff and increasing caller retention.
  • Call Routing. This feature enables the call to get routed to the correct team member or department immediately; thus, increasing first call resolution rates.
  • Call logs. After a call, an agent must log the interaction with a small report, close out any on-going support tickets, and then store it into customer files. With collaborative applications like call log management software, submitting a call log becomes quick and effortless, allowing the agent to move on to another caller without getting bogged down.
  • Team chat and conference calling. Create a conference call for team members to join at their convenience freely. Communicate with individual team members at any time and even let your department know when you are away or busy.

Telesupply's highly redundant, hosted phone systems include all of these advanced features and more. From agent analytic reports for managers and supervisors to automatic call-back that allows callers to avoid waiting on hold, this is a feature-rich solution. Our managed phones are affordable and will mold to what your business needs.

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