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Great Connectivity You Can Count On

January 22nd, 2019 by admin

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We were recently asked what we like about the Zultys cloud communication solution we offer. Finally, a simple question! Quick answer: we love the built-in redundancy and ease of use. But let's go into some more detail.

Thanks to several levels of redundancy built into the Zultys system, you can rely on good connectivity 24/7. This is especially important for businesses that don't keep 9-5 opening hours. We recently installed a Zultys cloud phone system for a major cardiovascular facility in Southern California, improving the connectivity with doctors spread across multiple buildings and departments. Now they enjoy a reliable connection, fast communication and a solution designed to meet healthcare needs. Because no doctor wants to have the line drop while talking to a patient.

Another great benefit of using a cloud phone system is true mobility with the help of collaborative software and instant messaging. Only at your desk long enough for the next "emergency"? No problem, take calls anywhere you go. You can even quickly connect face-to-face with Zulty's unmatched web conferencing capabilities. The system is built to be flexible and adapt to your busy workday.

Not only are these systems flexible, but they are also easy to use. You won't need to ask your technicians for assistance three times a day or frantically leaf through manuals to set up conference calls. Just a few buttons and you'll have a crystal clear connection, whether it's over your smartphone, desk phone or computer. And because everything is linked between office locations, you won't need to learn a different system at each office. Just bring your phone, connect to the internet and communicate!

Long story, short answer: with Telesupply you know you're getting a cloud IP PBX system designed to be simple, clear, and reliable. Learn more…

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