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Telesupply's Announcement of Completed Projects โ€“ October 2019

November 21st, 2019 by admin

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At Telesupply, we partner with your business to give you not only industry-leading business phone services, but we work to solve any of your biggest operational obstacles with innovative technology, strategic implementation, and tactics. This post showcases some of our most successful projects, the services they received, along with how it solved a major issue that they were having.

With any solution provided, we perform extensive evaluations and assessments to ensure that the systems and services that we install are the best fit for the business's unique needs. We complete numerous projects at Telesupply, and we valued every client we work with; that is why we are honored to announce the completion of the following three projects for some of our esteemed clients:

The Honey Baked Ham Company –

With products sold nationwide, the HoneyBaked Ham Company has locations in every state and is considered a household favorite. Recently, the company underwent an entire revamp of its brand and operations with plans to remodel many of its franchises. Telesupply helped with the renovation by delivering a brand-new communication system for the corporation.

The holidays are their busiest time of the year, with thousands of calls coming in and customers being left on-hold for hours. This problem resulted in lost sales, unresolved issues, and inevitably unhappy customers. Our solution? Centralizing their phones and creating a call reservation system. This reservation system enabled the call center to take on massive call volumes by holding each caller's place in line, giving the caller updates about where they were in the queue, and giving them a call back when an available agent was ready to speak with them. This advanced communication service developed a more efficient call center by significantly reducing the amount of unanswered or dropped calls, enhancing customer satisfaction, call resolution, and increased sales and profits.

The Downey Patriot –

The popular California newspaper organization has multiple offices throughout the state. In order to run their operation seamlessly, they needed a multi-site phone solution to bring their business together. That is where Telesupply came in. We implemented a phone system that centralized their phone operations, enhancing their workplace communications.

Surf-City Nissan –

Spending hundreds of thousands in upfront costs for a depreciating phone system is now a thing of the past. Surf-City Nissan is a prime example. This car dealership went the OPEX route when they decided to forgo spending over 100K on a phone system and went with our industry-leading month-to-month telephone solution. This affordable system allowed them to allocate their resources much more effectively while receiving premium support, superior equipment, technology refreshment, and free maintenance.

Are you interested in becoming one of our partners? Have a problem that needs an expert solution? Contact Telesupply! Our team of specialists works to ensure your company thrives.

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