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Why We're the Right Company for You

April 12th, 2019 by admin

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When it comes to telecommunications, you need a company that is willing to do more than just sell you a phone or get you on their phone plan. You need a company that is more than a mile wide and an inch deep, you need some like us. There is no company more dedicated to providing high-quality phone service to small and medium-sized businesses than Telesupply.

With over a combined 50 years of knowledge, we at Telesupply know what works and what doesn't. We do things differently; we not only install your phones but go through a checklist of 'housekeeping' that we adhere to. We check for proper internet speed, check your internal wiring, run a network assessment where needed, audit your phone numbers at the source, not off the bill, and do all programming before we port. While this is costly to us, we refuse to provide anything less when it comes to our services.

Your business should never just settle for telecommunications. You deserve the best service you can get, and you won't find better than Telesupply.

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