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Application Integration

Your cloud phone system from Telesupply integrates with a range of 3rd party applications and CRM applications.

Outlook Communicator™ Unified Communications and Call Control

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With Telesupply Outlook Communicator your Telesupply IP phone system can be closely integrated with Microsoft Outlook™. You have full call control and can phone your contacts directly from Outlook. This product conveniently synchronizes Presence with your Outlook calendar, allowing it to be changed directly from Outlook. These features bring tighter integration between the Telesupply UC platform and the Microsoft messaging platform. Communicator™ with Integrated Call Handling and CRM Integration Communicator Integration with Telesupply Logo

The Telesupply Communicator provides close integration between the Telesupply IP phone system and the CRM application suite. You can have full call control from within a contact record, including click-to-dial from the CRM record, Hold, Park, Transfer, call notes and call log. This application also provides screen pops for inbound calls with known account information displayed. Agents can communicate quickly and effectively directly from and conveniently capture call information to boost response times and the quality of customer service a company provides.

Microsoft Exchange Communicator™ Boost Agent Productivity with Integrated Call Controls

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MS Exchange® integration via MS Exchange Communicator (MSEC) allows MX users to have their voice mails and faxes automatically delivered and synchronized to their email client on Windows based PCs. When a user reads or deletes the email message on their PC, the voice mail / fax message state on the MX system will reflect the change.

MSEC 2.0 and later supports integration with MS Exchange 2010 SP1 and later, as well as MS Exchange Online. The MSEC application must be installed on a host PC running Windows XP Pro or later (machine must be able to join Domain). The MX system must be running Release 9.0 or later.

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