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Work Remotely with our VOIP Phones
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Telesupply's Solution to working remotely:

You have three available options to receive business calls remotely.

  1. (Recommended) Bring the physical device home and continue business. We recommend a POE Injector for basic ease of use at your home with a router with high speed internet reserved (10Mbps Down/ 10Mbps up) for good call quality. A wired connection directly to the router is highly recommended.
  2. Use the Android or iOS Zultys Mobile Communicator app. Sign in and you will be able to use your personal cellular device with basic functionality.
  3. Or use MXIE Windows or MACOS desktop applications. Usage may be subject to licensing. For further details please call us.

We urge you to test these options and consult with your IT personnel or our technical support.

Please note: Due to environment of remote or home networks, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure a capable, secure and preferably hardwired internet connection is working properly before using the options above.

To order POE Injectors please email or call us during normal business hours at 562-333-3144 Option 2.

E911 from the physical Telesupply provided phone. E911 is not available with remote devices although additional services are available. Please call for more info.

Speak to one of our Cloud Phone Experts Today at 562-333-3144

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